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celebrating Success!

Celebrating 25 Years of Success!

More than $5.75 million in funds has been awarded to schools through Shopping Partnership's School Rewards Programs since 1992. This video highlights the 10-year anniversary of a partnership between the School Cents Program and three Southern California Macerich Centers, which has delivered $650,000 in valuable prizes that benefit local schools and their surrounding communities.

We want to thank everyone for their support and continued efforts in making our School Rewards Programs so successful!

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Everyone Wins with Shopping Partnership!
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what we do for you

Communication: Easy instructions and up-to-date info. We provide printed and electronic details and news to school families, staff and supporters.
Easy Contact: Program webpages, 24-hour voicemail service from toll-free phone number 1-800-539-3273, Spanish-speaking staff (mornings), and email.
Supporting the Community: Many programs award points by supporting community service projects sponsored by the shopping center. Visit your program page to learn more.
Keeping You in Touch: Sign up for email and receive bonus points info, reminders and more. To join, visit your School Rewards Program page.

Schools, Retailers and Shopping Centers: Our Rewards Programs Benefit Everyone!

How Does a School Benefit...

  • A School Rewards Program is an easy and fun way for your school to earn much needed additional funds!
  •  No-cost fundraiser! Your kids don't sell anything and your parents don’t buy anything they don’t need or write an extra check.  They just shop and log their receipts to support your school.
  • Bonus points for attending events, participating in shopping center programs and even supporting certain community service causes.
  • Every school is guaranteed a prize. To see how schools are rewarded, select the shopping center near your school from the drop down menu above to see how the schools are rewarded. Details are on the “How Much Do We Win” section on the shopping center program page.
  • Teach students leadership skills, and set a positive example of good community citizenship. Many schools enlist the assistance of their students to support the program.
  • If your school is not yet participating, email us, or call 1-800-539-3273 to see if there is an opening.

Shopping Centers Get The Advantage...

  • Increased sales
  • Improved participation in center events and programs
  • Support for the local community
  • Trackable, nearly turn-key shopper loyalty program
  • School families and staff will choose your center’s retailers and restaurants over the competition when they are rewarded for their efforts.
  • Points-based system also rewards schools for promoting your School Rewards Program to their staff and families.  Schools regularly remind parents about the program in their newsletters and emails, on the website and school marquee.  Each year, schools in a single program produce hundreds of extra free advertising exposures to insure the best possible participation and reward.
  • Read the "Retailers See Great Returns" section below to see how we can tie in shopping center businesses to help the schools raise even more money and bring new business to these retailers.
  • If your center is not yet participating, send us an email, or give us a call at 1-800-539-3273. We can give you more details and a customized proposal to suit your shopping center goals.

Retailers See Great Returns...

  • Customers have many shopping options and our goal is to bring them to the sponsoring shopping center and make their purchases from these businesses instead of the competition.
  • Restaurants and other businesses support schools with fundraising events.  Our School Rewards Programs promote these fundraising opportunities by providing the information to our participating schools, having the business speak to our schools at one of our meetings and even rewarding bonus points to the school when they schedule an event.
  • Our new email program enables increased communication with participating families by promoting special store events, new store openings and other opportunities that relate to the school age families.
  • If you have a store in one of our shopping centers, call us at 1-800-539-3273 or email to see how we can work together.
  • If your store is not in one of our shopping centers, please pass along our website address to your shopping center’s Marketing Manager.